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Feel the bliss of connection

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HuMandalas - Playful Connection CeremonyHuMandalas – Activated Connections
Synchronize & cultivate healing energy with community. Align our connected bodies, movement and sound with the natural rhythms of sacred geometry.

Featured in the Media…

Masters of Health Magazine – Issue #03 / Dec 2016

Conscious Dancer Magazine – Issue #21 + Upshift Guide
Article about Daniel Levy sharing HuMandalas in schools.
Conscious Dancer Magazine – Issue #17 – ‘Occupy Movement’
Beautiful article about bringing more love and art into the Occupy movement. Features Daniel Levy sharing HuMandalas at Occupy Oakland.


  • Yogananda’s Energizations then HuMandalas with Friends Started the day w/ Yogananda’s energizations then did humandalas #vajravortex #heavenearth #heartcharger #yoga & #meditation w/ Tammy & Gabby. – Yogananda’s energization exercises make me feel full of vitality and cosmic energy. In my experience, the practice of cultivating energy with physical vibration is a quick and effective method for bringing more vitality to my life ...
  • Walking the Awapuhi Labyrinth: A Journey to the Center of the Heart Last Sunday, I visited the Awaphui Labyrinth in Puna, Hawaii for the first time, and WOW! What a beautiful place. The walk was really pleasant and lighthearted, and at the same time powerfully moving. So much so that I decided to write about it and share it here with you. Perhaps you will feel inspired ...
  • The Power of Forgiveness: What are we giving when we forgive? Forgiveness. We want to give it and receive it in return. Sometimes it’s not an easy task, yet we long to forgive. Why is forgiveness so important to us? The word give is embedded in forgiveness. When we forgive, we are for giving. But what exactly are we giving? For me, the energy of forgiveness feels like opening a space that was ...
  • Starseeds Activate Assemble Fire Up the Grid To actualize our potential as way showers of the new earth and coming into aligment with our calling/path/blueprint , at 3960 {Santa Cruz, Ca}
  • Sharing HuMandalas at the Gym Sharing HuMandalas at the gym and with people of all walks of life // –
  • Sacred Union Celebration in Hawaii I love weddings. It is so special to gather a celebrate Love! Recently I was so blessed to join my close friends to recognize & honor their Union. My husband Daniel Levy lead the personalized ceremony. The setting was a picturesque iron wood forest by the ocean cliffs on the Big Island of Hawaii. The ...
  • Sacred Geometry Spotlight: Activating the Celtic Spiral Activating the Celtic Spiral In interdependence there is wholeness; in wholeness there is interdependence. The Celtic spiral is a symbol with roots in many ancient cultures. Also known as the triskelion, the Celtic spiral is composed of three connected, continuous spirals that represent balance, harmony and motion. Inherent in the triskelion is the energy of the trinity ...
  • Sacred Geometry Movement for Group Synchronization Move with the sacred geometries of the natural world to improve sensitivity, alertness and synchronization. HuMandalas are a simple technique for groups of people to consciously attune with these universal rhythms. From a space of harmony, with each other and all of creation, we can collaborate with optimal efficiency. Continue reading →
  • Sacred Geometry Inspired Spiritual Vision Leading to HuMandalas In 2005, I was living in Tucson, AZ, doing cleansing work with living foods, as taught by Ann Wigmore, to heal myself from my childhood disease, Tourette’s Syndrome. As my diet and body became more pure, my “tics” did improve greatly and I started developing more energetic sensitivity, including seeing other people’s “aura”. I ...
  • Raising Planetary Divine Feminine Love Balancing Polarity and Empowring the Divine Feminine Energy of the Planet. Amma Pachamama Love with Colby T. {Happy Valley, Ca}
  • Powerful Antidepresant and Law of Manifestation Tech : The Smile Mudra and The Science of Smiling. This article will reintroduce the science of conscious smiling, aka “The Smile Mudra”, along with some new scientific research supporting the already fairly agreeable benefits of smiling. All this came about as I pondered the relationship between mind and body for the pratice of deliberate manifestation. It seems to me that if I can do something ...
  • New Earth Way Showers, Ecstatic Love Based Beings: Galacivate with HuMandalas: Conscious Planetary Revolution Many of us are really starting to see and feel the New Earth. We are re-establishing our direct link to Source. Our Supreme Communication is being restored and from this perspective, we really do feel a sense of Oness that comes with a specific request/mission for each of us. Each of us has a specific ...
  • Make Love for the Planet, HuMandalas in the Bedroom What would it be like if love making and sex could heal the earth? Well, it can. Our intentions are very powerful. Collective intentions are even more so. When we focus our intention and cultivate vibration with movement, breath & sound, these ripples restructure the air around us and our intentions are carried in those ...
  • HuMandalas as a Complement to Kundalini Yoga In Kundalini teachings we have come as of 2013 into the Aquarian Age. The Piscean Age has ended and we are entering a new Era of the dynamic relationship between the universe and human consciousness. Continue reading →
  • Kids Mandala Activities It’s so special and one of my goals to get children in sync with all the natural rhythms. I’m always on the look out for creative ways to co-create some magic with the little ones. Here are a few child approved activities. Try them out when your in the mood for some quality play Mandala ...
  • Is it Possible to Form a Simple Humandala with a Large Group? YES! In a circle, we all bring our hands to our hearts and take a breathe together. With our next breathe, on the exhale we open our hands connecting to the hands of the people on our sides. Continue reading →
  • HuMandalas for Healing The Planet HuMandalas are guided or spontaneous ceremonial yogic circles in which the geometries of creation are made with connected bodies, movement and sound. Using the power of intention, participants cultivate healing energy for themselves and the planet. My name is Daniel Levy and I have been teaching this art of connection for about 7 years. I developed this ...
  • HuMandala Yoga in Europe **Beautiful Video!*** I love surfing the internet and finding awesome displays of human connection. The most recent is from Wild Love Beamer in London.
  • HuMandala Mudras – Om Ah Hum This evening we had a raw food potluck at the house… there were about ten of us and it was great! We started the meal buy holding hands and making to sound “YUMMM.” Yum Circles have become a very common way to begin a meal. It is so nice to connect, ground and bless food together. ...
  • Oklahoma Tornado Victims HuMandala Blessing HuMandalas offer an amazing way to reach people and situations that are seemingly separated from us by great distances and or time. Continue reading →
  • HuMandala Embodiment – August 25-26th 2012 A unique opportunity to fully immerse in the energy of conscious community, prayer and intention setting, sacred sound and conscious movement. Experience a higher level of the connection and beauty that cultivates within the realm of HuMandalas with visionary, Daniel Levy. There is something to be said about the value of immersing oneself for an entire weekend ...
  • How HuMandalas Cards Support the Environment Plant a Tree & Play a Game We are stoked to now be planting a food bearing tree for every HuMandalas Cards purchase. We got the idea from companies who offset their impact on the environment by planting new trees, like WoodChuck USA, WeWOOD, Baron Fig, Montaia and Pacific Shaving Company. We love that style, so figured ...
  • Harmony and Human Nature: Reflections from the Plant Kingdom Many cultures embrace the concept of as above, so below; as within, so without. Another way of describing this natural order is that life reflects itself. Just as a body of water reflects the earth and sky, what we see outside of us is also contained within us. The patterns of life can be seen ...
  • Flying Partner Yoga (Acro-Yoga) Fun, playful yoga for family, partnership, and community building. Building strength, flexibility, and trust by lifting each other up! Flying AcroYoga is a shared movement awareness art that incorporates yogic postures, acrobatic positions, thai massage, and collaborative play. Daniel Levy brings a lightness and universal accessibility to this style of yoga by teaching and directing the movements in a ...
  • Finger Tutting is a Peaceful Co-creative Art Finger Tutting is gaining popularity amongst youth around the world with many viral YouTube videos and instructional videos appearing all over the internet. Finger Tutting was popularized with break dance styles and is making a huge comeback, now with YouTube access, especially with young people. I think this is a great thing because it is a very ...
  • How Finger Kaleidoscopes improve your Tutting Skills Xtrap shares Finger Kaleidoscopes, the evolution of finger tutting. Mandala dance is a peaceful collaborative activity making the world more beautiful. Continue reading →
  • Energy Meditation Group in The Villages, Florida The Wednesday morning Energy Meditation group in The Villages, Florida had its yearly holiday party. Over 100 people ages 50-95, had the magical opportunity to experience a morning of Humandalas. We started with a group meditation, then each of the 12 tables was given a card to talk about and share the humandala suggested with the ...
  • Creating Rituals for Children and Family Rituals can bring special attention to everyday tasks. Bringing awareness and gratitude to any moment making it more meaningful. Our days are made up with opportunities for creating rituals. Like asana in morning, walks after dinner or stories before bed. As a mother I’ve noticed how my daughter thrives in a routine. It makes her ...
  • Mudra-Breathwork Consciousness-Manifestation Technology HuMandalas automatically and simultaneously connects, synchronizes and harmonizes the bio-rythmic field of each individual with those of everyone involved to generates a new, interpersonal neural-psychic network with its own bioenergetic field. Continue reading →
  • HuMandalas are Yoga Circle Ceremonies HuMandalas are a creative way for groups of people to share and cultivate intentional energy. Through collaborative movement, breath, and sound, HuMandala participants mirror and connect with the building-block patterns of the Universe (sacred geometry), co-creating a living, breathing container where vivid visions are born, powerful prayers projected, and spontaneous beauty and magic experienced by One ...
  • Bliss: An Exploration of the Current Hippie Counterculture & Transformational Festivals Steve Shapiro offers a compilation of blissful photos and quotes featuring many of the Hippie culture festivals we love, includes quotes by Daniel Levy. Continue reading →
  • Archangel Michael – New Earth- I Am That We Are – Lucid Merkabahs At this time, many of us are experiencing a period of re-callibration and re-orientation in which we are beginning to find our footing and function within a somewhat turbulent ocean of new planetary frequencies(aka waking dream). We are also experiencing “The Call to Re-merge with Community Union” or “Pluralized Individuation Identity” and work in teams ...
  • 7 Situations HuMandalas Will Change Your Life! 7 – Before a Meal 6 – Peak of a Mountain 5 – Political or Social Demonstrations 4 – A Natural Vortex 3 – For Collaborative Projects 2 – A Fresh Water Spring 1 – In Outer Space Truth is, HuMandalas are great anywhere! Have Fun!
  • 5 Ways to Cultivate Synchronicity Synchronicity is everywhere! As we tune into our environment, we begin to notice the little details that connect us to the people, experiences and places that color our lives. What is synchronicity? Synchronicity is a togetherness principle introduced by psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920’s. Jung believed that events have a meaningful relationship beyond cause and effect. ...
  • 5 Steps to Inspire Synchronicity The five steps of HuMandalas Inspire Synchronicity by aligning the patterns of our bodies to the universe. Here are a few tips to take you deeper still. Continue reading →


  • When Choirs Sing, Many Hearts Beat As One When members of a choir sing, their heart rates quickly become synchronized, beating in the same rhythm. Researchers think this may be why singing together is a key part of religious rituals around the world, and such a joy for the singers. Continue reading →
  • Prosocial Consequences of Interpersonal Synchrony Ranging from soldiers marching in step, to rave dancers moving to the same beat, and to the synchronous bowing of praying men in a mosque, interpersonal synchrony is part of many rituals and also occurs in mundane events. The notion that synchrony fosters social bonding dates back as far as Durkheim (1912). However, only recently have ...
  • What is the physiological basis of the healing touch? Around 100 million adults in the United States are affected by chronic pain – pain that lasts for months or years on end. It is one of the country’s most underestimated health problems. The annual cost of managing pain is greater than that of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, and the cost to the economy ...
  • Let’s Dance Together: Synchrony, Shared Intentionality and Cooperation In all cultures around the world and far back into human history, people have come together to sing and dance. Why do humans perform such behaviour? One popular explanation is that collective music and dance bonds people together and increases cooperation. Such an important function in human sociality could explain music and dance’s ubiquity and its ...
  • Interpersonal Synchronization: When Lovers Touch, Their Heartbeats Sync Fathers-to-be, take note: You may be more useful in the labor and delivery room than you realize. That’s one takeaway from a study released last week that found that when an empathetic partner holds the hand of a woman in pain, their heart and respiratory rates sync and her pain dissipates. “The more empathic the partner and ...
  • Human Connections Start With A Friendly Touch – NPR Social scientists have shown in many studies over the years that supportive touch can have good outcomes in a number of different realms. Consider the following examples: If a teacher touches a student on the back or arm, that student is more likely to participate in class. The more athletes high-five or hug their teammates, ...
  • Affirmation Instructions by Paramahansa Yogananda Understanding How to Use the Power of Affirmation From Scientific Healing Affirmations, by Paramahansa Yogananda   Man’s word is Spirit in man….Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs, which, when set off, shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired. Each thought of depression or happiness, irritability or calmness, cuts subtle ...


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Related Project

Spiral of Cooperation

Madame O’Douce teaches how you can become an ambassador of the Spiral of Cooperation and bring the message of In’Lekesh to the world.

Human Mandala Project

The Human Mandala Project is Josh Davis’s creation. By creating layed out mandalas and artwork with human bodies, the most amazing photos are created from above. This is very beautiful!

Intenders of the Highest Good

Tony Burrough’s intention process for groups of people to empower each other’s manifestations. This is an aspect of the HuMandala Experience.

Synergy Non Profit

This is a project to get in tune with the needs of deprived villages in 3rd world countries using ‘Flying AcroYoga,’ ‘Synergy Circles’ and other connected yogic activities. Daniel Levy trained with founder, Francisco Morales Bermudez and is a certified synergy teacher.

Expanding Light Ashram

Learn yoga at a successful Ashram community with over 200 residents. With Ananda Yoga, aasanas are done with affirmation to accentuate the posture. In the tradition of Paramahamsa Yogananda, this is where I became a certified yoga teacher.

Reclaiming Balance

A resident of Maui, founder, Deborah Dove is an inspirational partner yoga teacher, specializing in Mandala Yoga Circles. Cultivate resonance, build coherence and unite groups of people in a heart filled cooperative way. Bond deeply while opening up portals to the divine through these joyous, co-creative exploratoriums.

Kaleidoscope Community Yoga

Kaleidoscope Community Yoga is a community yoga project started in Bellingham, Washington. The project was founded to establish a culture of practicing yoga together in community.

Circus Yoga

Circus yoga incorporates theatre, AcroYoga, and kids yoga for an all around fun filled time

Rainbow Kids Yoga

It’s great to grow up, learning yoga at an early age. Rainbow Kids Yoga is a teacher training for those wanting to guide children in playful yoga forms.

Common Vision

A caravan of vege-oil run buses show up at the school. It’s time to drum, dance and plant fruit trees. This project is amazing!

Sacred Geometry

Ancient Greek Geometry Game

Awesome resource and best way to learn about the technicalities of the creation patterns.

The Resonance Project

Dr. Nassim Haramein’s writings and theories regarding sacred geometry and energy.

Dan Winter’s Golden Mean Website

Dan Winter’s website, Winter’s was my first sacred geometry inspiration
with his film “The Geometries of Love”

Intro to Sacred Geometry

Great information about Sacred Geometry

Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystals

Learn about Dr. Emoto’s experiments with water and how our intentions are reflected in the crystals. This is mind blowing!

Law of Time

Time is Art! Learn about the geometric structure of time, based on traditional Mayan astrology.

Dan Shaw’s Vortex Maps

See a listing of lay lines and vortexes all around the planet. This is a great resource.

Flower of Life

Learn how to draw and apply the flower of life to your world view.

Golden Number

Detailed articles about the Golden ratio and the Fibonacci spiral


Open source sacred GEOmetry

Retreat, Festivals & Workshop Spaces


Harbin Hot Springs

Host to many HuMandala events, Harbin Hot Springs is one of the oldest and most beautiful hot springs in California, it is now operated as a non-profit retreat and workshop center. harbin is located north of San Francisco, above the Napa Valley wine region.

DiviniTree Yoga & Art Studio

Experience over 40 classes a week of intense, creative, and energizing yoga. Classes are offered at all levels from beginner to expert – there is truly something for everyone.

Oregon Country Fair

Celebrate with us and delight in our world class entertainment, hand-made crafts, delectable foods, educational displays and magical surprises at every turn of the path We invite you to join us in our wooded setting, 13 miles west of Eugene near Veneta, Oregon for an unforgettable adventure.

Mystic Garden Gathering

The Mission of this Gathering of the Tribes event is to create a fun, inspiring and nurturing environment that is mutually supportive to uplift us and bring out the best in us all. Many of us have had the transcending experience of being at a festival/gathering/event where the spirit of community, art and creativity transported us to new heights and supported us to be more heart centered, empowered, and to live a healthier more vibrant lifestyle.

Peace Village

Peace Village Festival 2011 kicks off on August 19th – 21st with three full days of concerts (think mini-Tanglewood or Britt Music Series, along with spa and mineral springs, a stone’s throw from Ashland) — replete with a wide variety of music including Reggae, World Fusion, Rock, Folk, Kirtan, Gypsy, Latin, Funk, and Americana, all with a common goal of uniting in the spirit of peace.



From Chico, CA,
MaMuse plays inspirational music that warms the heart. They are feature in some HuMandala videos.


From Ashland, OR, Cornflower rocks the beats with his loop machine, creating all the music from his voice, bringing in the new age with heart opening songs. He is featured in HuMandala Videos.

Mandala World Music

Eric Mandala is a talented musician who plays sacred music from all around the world.

Other Great Resources


Great resource, online radio and
TV show about the emerging conscious culture.

National Institute For Play

Encouraging people of all ages to PLAY!

Omni-Gym Yoga Swing

Time to flip your world upside down with my favorite exercise device, the yoga swing. Look for videos of Levy demonstrating how it can be used to practice Flying AcroYoga.


From the creators of the Yoga Swing, Experience brain balancing techniques, and many other therapeutic tools for transformation. is a ‘hours’ based global barter system for ‘Inter-connected, Trusted networks of friends’ HuMandalas accepts villages payments for all workshops that we host.

Link to us!

HuMandalas - Playful Connection CeremonyHuMandalas – Activated Connections
Synchronize & cultivate healing energy with community. Align our connected bodies, movement and sound with the natural rhythms of sacred geometry. //